Hi there, I'm Libretto. I've owned this domain for a couple decades and decided to make it a little home on the web for myself. I'm a furry, obviously, with some interests and predilections that should be easy enough for you to figure out if you go over my online presence links. Feel free to contact me about anything you like!

A few links to my online presence:

The word "yiff" is primarily and extensively used in the furry fandom/community. It and its derivatives have a number of meanings; the primary ones are:

It's also got some depreciated meanings which no longer see significant modern use.

"Yiff" still sees extensive use in furry today, as many furries are more open to alternative romantic or sexual relationships, orientations and situations, but are also less interested in traditional pornographic terms and media, so the word's tone is more appropriate to casual conversation on topics of a mature or sexual nature.

The word's origin is from the early 1990s, where it was used as one of a number of words along the emotional spectrum in a "foxish language" used on FurryMUCK, an online textual furry roleplay environment which still operates today. The original creator of the language intended the word "yipp" to have sexual connotations and for "yiff" to be a positive, happy greeting or expression sound, but over time "yiff" was appropriated for this role and stuck, much to their chagrin. The roleplay language itself is no longer used today.

This domain's a vanity domain. I've owned it for a couple decades now, and don't have very much interest in selling it. If someone were to make me a good enough offer, I'd consider it. Last time I ran it through the appraiser at EstiBot, it came out at $82,000 USD, probably because it's got good per-click ad revenue return potential and is a pronouncable word frequently used online.

Any questions or inquiries about this domain name, or my other domain names: yiff.ca, mewf.org or kitten.mom, don't hesitate to contact me! :3